the cracked ones let light into this world
Hello, my name is Leanne. I'm from Buffalo, NY. I recently graduated from SUNY Potsdam and I am now working in graphic design. This blog is simply about things I enjoy, that I want to remember, and look back on to make me laugh, think, or feel something.
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Arya Stark

I would love to say this to so many people
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One of my new favorite pictures :)
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When you respond to our posting about renting an apartment… it probably isn’t a good idea to be a rude asshole and ask us why we aren’t married and if we’d get rid of our cat to live in your dumb place.  Idiot.

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Lovin’ the Pittsburgh one!

Nothing like calling the police on your neighbors two times in two days because they just can’t seem to find it in themselves to turn off Tik Tok by Kesha.

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Ditty, our ship cat, looking magnificent and nautical.
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